Monday, December 9, 2019

The focus of this release is largely back-end improvements to Tigris, the online workflow authoring tool which is part of LearnSphere. We have also added several new Tigris workflow components, many in response to feedback we have received at workshops and conferences.

  1. Support for arrays in component options.
  2. Tigris now supports array types for simple data types (double, integer, string), FileInputHeaders, and enumerated types (drop-down lists). The user can define default values for each value added, as well as the minimum and maximum number of allowed values. Array types are especially useful in cases where an unknown number of arguments is desirable. In this example, a variable 'weights' is defined as an array of xs:double values, with at least two required values.

  3. New and updated workflow components.
  4. Source code for all Tigris components can be found in our GitHub repository.

  5. DataShop now includes support for non-instructional steps.
  6. The dataset import procedure will now process a new column called Event Type in the tab-delimited transaction data file, if present. The allowed values for this column are: assess, instruct and assess_instruct. The assess event type is considered to be a non-instructional step; the other event types cause the learning opportunity count to be incremented by 1. Using non-instructional steps, you can grant partial credit to multi-selection questions. For example, in the following question the correct answer is A and B. When a student gives an answer of B and C, they should receive partial credit for selecting B.