A community data infrastructure to support learning improvement online.

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Why LearnSphere?

World class repository of education data.

Building on DataShop, the world's largest open repository of transactional data, and MOOCdb, a database design and supporting framework created to harness the vast amounts of data being generated by MOOCs, LearnSphere will integrate existing and new educational data infrastructures to offer a world class repository of education data.

Data-driven course design.

LearnSphere will enable new opportunities for learning education researchers, course developers, and instructors to better evaluate causal claims, leading to improved teaching and learning. This data driven course redesign is possible both through better analytics of relational data and through online platform support of controlled experimentation.

Large distributed data infrastructure

LearnSphere will facilitate a distributed method of data storage and access control. LearnSphere offers a central portal for the sharing, storage, and analysis of public and private datasets. For private datasets, a local storage option allows researchers to share tools and results while maintaining ownership of their data. The distributed data sharing model of LearnSphere allows other researchers to find the data by meta-data stored in the central portal.

Analytics sharing & use

LearnSphere will transform scientific discovery and innovation in education through a scalable data infrastructure designed to enable educators, learning scientists, and researchers to easily collaborate over shared data using the latest tools and technologies. While a standard set of analysis tools allow researchers to quickly start gathering information, users can also leverage user-contributed workflows and tools to perform other methods of analysis on their data. Using a community based tool repository, researchers will be able to quickly build new models, create derivative works, or improve existing tools and share their work with their team or the whole world.