EDM 2019 LearnSphere Tutorials

Tutorials held as part of EDM 2019
July 2, 2019, in Montréal, Canada

Sharing and Reusing Data and Analytic Methods with LearnSphere

This morning tutorial will explore LearnSphere, an NSF-funded, community-based repository that facilitates sharing of educational data and analytic methods. The organizers will discuss the unique research benefits that LearnSphere affords. In particular, we will focus on Tigris, an online workflow tool within LearnSphere that helps researchers share analytic methods and computational models, with a goal of providing attendees with hands-on experience using Tigris for learning analytics. We hope that this year we will be able to attract attendees that have been exposed to LearnSphere from past events, although we will have some tutorial activities included for new attendees as well. This tutorial builds off other successful workshops at LAK 2018, AIED/EDM 2017 and LAK 2017.

Causal Discovery with Tetrad in LearnSphere's Tigris

This afternoon tutorial will explore causal discovery algorithms in Tetrad implemented in LearnSphere’s Tigris workflow tool. The Tetrad software suite contains algorithms that search for causal models from observational and experimental datasets (Spirtes et al., 2000), and has been productively applied to many educational datasets. This tutorial will teach the fundamentals of causal discovery with hands on work in Tetrad, and teach integrated causal data-mining with hands on work in Tigris. Attendees will gain experience sharing their results and methods in Tigris with others as well as connecting their analyses to thousands of datasets available in DataShop.

Agenda: morning tutorial

09:00aTigris workflow tool (Lecture & Demos)
10:15aCoffee Break
10:30aHands-on: Build custom analysis workflows using existing Tigris components
11:50pClosing / High Level Discussion

Agenda: afternoon tutorial

1:00pIntroduction to causal discovery using Tetrad
2:00pDemonstrate building a Tigris workflow that utilizes DataShop data and Tetrad
2:45pCoffee Break
3:00pHands-on: Determine the causes of learning using DataShop data in Tigris.
3:30pParticipants analyze their own data with Tetrad and share results
4:00pClosing / High Level Discussion

Conference Fees reimbursement

We have allocated funding to cover registration and travel costs for attendees who contribute a component by the end of the tutorial. We especially encourage participation from historically underrepresented groups and those interested in applying learning analytics in computer science education. Participation in the morning tutorial is required. To apply for conference fees reimbursement, please complete this form: https://goo.gl/forms/ePilA0HRZ4iKyV5r1.