EDM 2020 LearnSphere Tutorial

Tutorial held as part of EDM 2020
July 10, 2020 (held virtually -- email John Stamper for connection details)

Reproducibility and Replication of Analytic Methods with LearnSphere

This workshop will explore LearnSphere, an NSF-funded, community-based repository that facilitates sharing of educational data and analytic methods. The workshop organizers will discuss the unique research benefits that LearnSphere affords. In particular, we will focus on Tigris, a workflow tool within LearnSphere that helps researchers share analytic methods and computational models, with a goal of providing attendees with hands-on experience using Tigris for learning analytics.

Authors of accepted workshop papers will integrate their analytic methods or models into LearnSphere’s Tigris in advance of the workshop, and these methods will be made accessible to all workshop attendees. We will learn about these different analytic methods during the workshop and spend hands-on time applying them to a variety of educational datasets available in LearnSphere’s DataShop.

Finally, we will discuss the bottlenecks that remain, and brainstorm potential solutions, in openly sharing analytic methods through a central infrastructure like LearnSphere. Our ultimate goal is to create the building blocks to allow groups of researchers to integrate their data with other researchers in order to advance the learning sciences as harnessing and sharing big data has done for other fields.

Agenda (all times EST):

08:30aTigris workflow tool (Lecture & Demos)
10:30aHands-on: Build custom analysis workflows using existing Tigris components
11:00aHands-on: Creating your own workflow components
11:30aClosing remarks